Loyalty, Engagement and Advocacy

Boost Lifetime Value by building long lasting relationships with your community of users.

Create a Vibrant Community for Your Users

NextBee's core platform allows you to easily create rich, engaging communities for each segment of your audience.

CX360 by NextBee

NextBee’s CX360 platform puts the ultimate marketing toolbox in your team’s hands. With a 360° approach to engagement, CX360’s features focus on retention, increasing lifetime value, brand advocacy, new customer acquisition, onboarding and training, and personalized communication. CX360 creates a fantastic user experience all while building brand loyalty. Learn More

Spotlights by NextBee

For far too long, HR teams have had to implement multiple software systems to create an environment for their employees that promotes improved recognition, performance, and overall culture. NextBee’s Spotlights Platform allows HR teams to easily configure and consolidate multiple employee engagement programs while significantly reducing overall costs. Learn More

Catalyst by NextBee

In today’s marketplace, your social influence matters. Catalyst’s modules allow you to engage your customers, social followers, internal members, affiliates, and influencers to turn them all into stronger referring brand ambassadors. The Catalyst modules engage users to complete challenges that boost your online presence and generates referrals to drive revenue. Learn More

Capitalize On a Strategy-Driven Workflow

With programs designed to target each segment of your users, NextBee helps you create a workflow focused on retention-based success. Our consultative approach allows you to capitalize on our smart controls and extensive promotions for both quick adoption and the long-term growth of your engagement programs.

Data Driven

Incentives and user interactions based on thorough results analysis. NextBee takes the guesswork out of developing incentives and rewards for your retention and loyalty programs.

Full Service

NextBee's seasoned team of account managers, developers and designers take your program all the way from start to launch. No need for significant support from your IT or customer service teams.

Easy Expansion

Our clients often start small. However, with the synergy designed into each model of our platform, third-party services integration plugins, and a plethora of useable data, program expansion is easy to achieve and manage.

Strategy Driven by Data

At NextBee, we take data seriously. That is why we have developed Lighthouse to empower our clients to build their community structure, personalize promotions, and create educated projections based on data. Learn More

User Transaction and Data Analysis

We analyze your current data to identify patterns and data points that can be used to maximize community impact and increase lifetime value.

Segmentation of Users

NextBee segments your users into small audiences that can be used to create personalized programs for each part of your userbase.

Predictive Insights and Incentive Modeling

Our predictive insights and models provide data-driven suggestions for program guidelines and incentive structures. NextBee's audience segmentation lets you predict potential revenue impact for individual program implementations.

Learn More

Partner Ready

We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships. NextBee offers a rich library of resources to our partners to help then successfully serve their clients. Visit IdeaLab by NextBee to access the comprehensive module list available to our partners, or schedule a time to speak to on of our in-house expert consultants to discuss partnership options with NextBee.

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