Insights and Analytics

Gaining a deeper understanding of employees, including insights into what drives their behavior and what they are likely to do next, is at the heart of effective employee engagement.

Personalization Through AI

An employee engagement program is about creating relationships, but without robust analytical data, it’s impossible to know which activities or rewards are actually creating those relationships.

Robust Tracking Technology

A program needs data for AI/Machine Learning systems to work, and Spotlights, via NextBee’s platform, has perhaps the most robust tracking technology on the market. No matter where the activity occurs – offline, online, and even through phones it can all be tracked by our system.

Employee Engagement Flexible & Automated

Spotlights’ AI and Machine Learning system automatically promotes team involvement, interaction and builds connections by automatically spotting trends and making engagement adjustments guided by flexible rules admins set in our robust admin dashboard.

A Data Science Process That Drives Employee Engagement

We start by capturing all the analytical data a company will need from social shares to sales completed to referrals made and a whole lot more.. Once this is done we run all this rich data through a three stage process for a complete picture of the employee’s journey.
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