Challenges that Captivate and Reward Users

Drive deeper engagement through gamified challenges with enticing rewards for completion. Users earn rewards at each milestone.
10 Million+ Users | 1.2B+ Tracked Transactions | 22 Integrated AI Modules

Data Driven

Our platform allows you to create multi-tiered challenges that motivate users to participate and level up. With data-driven design, you can develop challenges tailored to user interest and preferences.

Full Service

Don't waste time building challenges from scratch. Our experts handle the entire process, from collaborating on challenge concepts to launching fully-configured challenges on our platform.

Easy Expansion

Start small and expand your challenges over time. Our platform makes it simple to iterate on challenges by adding tiers, updating rewards, and enabling social sharing. Scaling the challenges you set up is easy.

Exciting Missions and Goals

Create a wide range of challenges that function like specialized missions and goals for users to fulfill, from trying new products to hitting usage milestones. Challenges give users clear objectives and purpose within your program.

Robust Reward Systems

Implement multi-tiered reward systems allowing users to earn points, achievements, badges, discounts, and other benefits when they complete challenges. Achieving challenges enables users to unlock status, prestige, and exciting rewards.

Social Sharing and Competition

Integrate social elements that let users take on challenges with friends or compete on public leaderboards. Social sharing abilities and healthy competition heighten motivation, satisfaction, and ongoing participation.

Advanced Analytics and Optimization

Gain insights into your best-performing challenges and most engaged users through advanced analytics. Continuously monitor metrics and user behavior to refine challenges based on participation data to maximize engagement.

Tiered Challenge Levels

Design progressive challenge levels catering to both casual and power users. Tiered challenges move users gradually up the engagement ladder, keeping both new and experienced users invested.

Time-Bound Urgency

Craft challenges centered around deadlines, events, or limited-time availability to create urgency and prompt users to prioritize your app. Short-term or exclusive challenges drive immediate action.

Brands Love NextBee

Well over 300 global enterprise-level companies have used NextBee’s cutting edge software to improve the quality and quantity of their engagement efforts.
Using the various proven engagement modules (gamification, referrals, loyalty, etc.), limitless commission-free rewards, and AI automated personalization that is available from our platform, our clients can create a fun program that their users enjoy using from anywhere.
Our platform continually provides clients with the data they need to find new opportunities for improving any engagement and marketing initiatives so they can quickly drive higher levels of overall company success.
Please let us know how we can help you with your engagement efforts.
“NextBee has been tremendous in putting in place all the variables for us to be successful!”
– Mary Veloske, Vice President

Our Commitment

NextBee helps businesses boost engagement and results through interactive challenges that guide users to help you achieve your business goals. Our intuitive platform makes it easy to build personalized, multilingual challenges integrated with your CRM. We provide real-time analytics so you can optimize the user journey. As your partner, NextBee is committed to creating challenges that drive value by converting and retaining users.

Empower Your Users

Help your users overcome obstacles and accomplish goals with interactive challenges. Gamify their experience to drive engagement and loyalty.

Create Personalized Experiences

Tailor challenges to your users' needs and integrate with CRM data to provide personalized experiences. Meet users where they are to help them thrive.

Boost Knowledge and Skills

Challenges are a powerful training tool. Help users expand their knowledge and skills in a hands-on, rewarding way.

Drive Desirable Behavior with Challenges

Create custom challenges around user interests and preferences to encourage participation. Let us share a platform walkthrough to help you understand how it works.

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