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Full Service

Get help from our industry experts to design your program along with onsite support to successfully launch a fully integrated program.

Quick Start

Adopt proven practices from our 10 years of experience to launch a program that gets you started quickly and ensures success under tight budgets or timelines.


Enhance your existing program or build a scalable embeddable solution within your current framework so you can tap the power of engagement and promotions.

E-Commerce Storefront

Create an end-to-end e-commerce storefront that allows your users to easily browse and search for approved gift cards across all categories. Clean interface makes navigation easy for users and boosts adoption.

Customizable Denominations

Allow your users to select the perfect gift card amount for every recipient. Provide options to choose any denomination between the minimum and maximum value for each gift card.

Choice of Gift Cards

Offer a choice of 100+ branded egift cards for your users to select. Physical cards will be sent by mail with digital selections arriving by email within minutes. You can also select any product on the Amazon marketplace, offer exciting vacation rewards, create sweepstakes, and provide personalized redemption links.

Tap Unredeemed Card Balance

When gift cards go unredeemed by reward recipients, the remaining balance can be returned to you rather than lost. By tapping into these unredeemed balances, you can then reinvest those recovered funds into future reward programs, creating a sustainable and cost-efficient way to maximize reward spend.

Set Flexible Rules

Our platform lets you customize flexible gift card rules. Easily set parameters around expiration, redemption windows, usage limits, values, purchase restrictions, automated reminders and redemptions, and usage controls.

Complete Customization

Customize gift card designs to match your brand identity. Intuitive tools allow you to select fonts, colors, logos and layouts for digital and physical cards. Personalize cards with recipient names, photos, videos, messages, and add promotional content – allowing you to make unique cards reflecting your signature aesthetics.

Instant Delivery

Gift cards are delivered instantly via email or SMS. Within minutes of order confirmation, recipients receive the redemption code on their phone or email to redeem immediately. Real-time delivery creates a convenient gifting experience compared to delayed physical cards.

Triggered Messages

Automate triggered messages that remind users of their reward card balance, along with recommendations for ways they can earn even more rewards. And, NextBee handles all tax implications too.

Secure & Reliable

Our platform uses real-time processing, data storage, and advanced security to deliver dependability that scales to your business needs. We keep every transaction compliant and customer data safe through strict protocols.


Automated reports provide insights into usage while notifications alert you to important events. The detailed visibility informs inventory, improvements, and promotions to maximize business growth and customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment

NextBee is dedicated to helping you engage users through digital gift cards personalized to their interests and preferences. Our intuitive solution and deliverability tools make it easy to drive engagement. With features that align with business goals, technical expertise, and ongoing support from our team, we maximize your success with our gift card platform so you can build valuable relationships and loyalty through tailored user experiences.

Customized Solutions

We provide customized software solutions tailored to each client's unique business needs and goals. Our experts work closely with you to deeply understand your requirements and challenges to deliver a solution that fits your organization.

Ongoing Support

We are committed to your success. Our support team is available to provide guidance, troubleshoot issues, and ensure you get the most value from our solutions. We also frequently improve our software based on user feedback.

Security & Compliance

We build your engagement program from the ground up with security and compliance in mind. Our solutions utilize enterprise-grade security practices like encryption, access controls, and data protection to safeguard your company’s information.

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