Level Up Engagement with Gamification

Apply proven game mechanics to your product. Boost user engagement, satisfaction, and retention without fuss.
10 Million+ Users | 1.2B+ Tracked Transactions | 22 Integrated AI Modules

Data Driven

Design effective gamification strategies based on thorough user analytics. Our gamification feature takes the guesswork out of developing incentives that motivate users.

Full Service

Our gamification experts help configure robust point systems, achievements, leaderboards, and challenges to boost engagement. We offer full service support from design to launch.

Easy Expansion

Start with basic game mechanics and easily expand your gamified features as you scale. Our platform makes it simple to add new incentives, rewards, and social elements based on data.

Level Up Structure

Our “Level Up” structure of gamification incentives incrementally unlocks access to activities and rewards to maintain a high level of engagement.

Social Recognition

Automate social recognition of gamification achievements, such as when achievement levels are gained, special access is unlocked, and when rewards are won.

Game Elements

Deploy ready-to-use and popular play-like activities that include program quizzes, polls, and easy-to-use social sharing widgets.


Use our auto-triggers to promote specific gamification activities in a baked-in effort to meet and exceed the goals for your program.


Design regular contests for promotion and fun, including dynamic leaderboards showcasing top users and featuring grand prizes.


In addition to providing real value, gamification rewards center on the exciting – cash, badges, gift cards, physical items, and more!


Easy to integrate tracking scripts for gamification activities enable you to capture every engagement, achievement, payout, and any other on site interaction.

Brands Love NextBee

Well over 300 global enterprise-level companies have used NextBee’s cutting edge software to improve the quality and quantity of their engagement efforts.
Using the various proven engagement modules (gamification, referrals, loyalty, etc.), limitless commission-free rewards, and AI automated personalization that is available from our platform, our clients can create a fun program that their users enjoy using from anywhere.
Our platform continually provides clients with the data they need to find new opportunities for improving any engagement and marketing initiatives so they can quickly drive higher levels of overall company success.
Please let us know how we can help you with your engagement efforts.
“NextBee has been tremendous in putting in place all the variables for us to be successful!”
– Mary Veloske, Vice President

Our Commitment

We ensure our flexible engagement software platform makes it easy to create rewarded gameplay that boosts brand affinity. As your trusted partner, we’re dedicated to leveraging gamification to tell your unique story and drive value for your business.

Boost Engagement

Gamify your experience with challenges and rewards to motivate participation, guide users, and significantly increase brand loyalty.

Optimize User Journey

Leverage analytics from gamification to gain data-driven insights that identify gaps in the user experience and highlight opportunities for optimization.

Increase Retention

Reduce churn and increase retention by rewarding users, boosting participation, and setting users up for success through effective gamification.

Ready to Level Up Engagement with Gamification?

Drive higher participation, enjoyment, and loyalty by integrating engaging games, challenges, rewards, and leaderboards through our interactive gamification module. Request a demo to watch our platform in action.

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