Unlock Growth Through Referrals

Drive exponentive revenue growth with our powerful yet easy-to-use referral marketing software. We makes it simple to launch, automate, and optimize your custom referral program.
10 Million+ Users | 1.2B+ Tracked Transactions | 22 Integrated AI Modules

Full Service

Get help from our industry experts to design your program along with onsite support to successfully launch a fully integrated program.

Quick Start

Adopt proven practices from our 10 years of experience to launch a program that gets you started quickly and ensures success under tight budgets or timelines.


Enhance your existing program or build a scalable embeddable solution within your current framework so you can tap the power of engagement and promotions.

Automated Referral Invites

Easily trigger customized referral invite emails to identified advocate customers, streamlining and automating referral requests through the software.

Multichannel Referrals

Our solution supports capturing and tracking referrals generated across various channels like email, SMS text messages, social media platforms, website, and more. This provides insights into referral performance by channel.

Referral Coupons

Create sharable referral coupons or unique promo codes for referred customers to incentivize referrals. When a code is redeemed, it attributes the referral for tracking and rewarding.

Advanced Lifecycle Mapping

Our proprietary AI-powered engine analyzes your customer data to create targeted customer journey maps optimized for referral generation. It identifies your most valuable customers and ideal times to engage them with personalized campaigns, boosting qualified referrals, cross-sells, and revenue.

Advanced Campaign Management

Our suite empowers your customers to easily share referral codes, reviews, content, and broadcast their advocacy on social media platforms. We provide campaign management tools to launch and track social referral initiatives while monitoring performance with actionable analytics.

Enhanced Customer Profiles

Our centralized platform collects in-depth customer profile data and motivates customers to provide additional insights through surveys and quizzes. Enhanced profiles allow for improved customer segmentation, more relevant engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Flexible Rules Configurator

Configure automated, customizable rules to reward customer advocacy and referrals based on your preferred metrics and events. This enables you to incentivize behaviors most impactful to your business with bonuses, tiers, points, and other Incentive rewards.

Our Commitment

NextBee is dedicated to helping you maximize the power of referrals. We are committed to providing an intuitive platform with robust tools to convert your customers into loyal advocates. With real-time analytics and multi-channel referral capabilities, we empower you to drive word-of-mouth growth and boost revenue. As your referral partner, our team of experts is focused on your success – giving you the guidance and support needed to build relationships, motivate referrals, and acquire new customers.

Customized Solutions

We provide customized software solutions tailored to each client's unique business needs and goals. Our experts work closely with you to deeply understand your requirements and challenges to deliver a solution that fits your organization.

Ongoing Support

We are committed to your success. Our support team is available to provide guidance, troubleshoot issues, and ensure you get the most value from our solutions. We also frequently improve our software based on user feedback.

Security & Compliance

We build your engagement program from the ground up with security and compliance in mind. Our solutions utilize enterprise-grade security practices like encryption, access controls, and data protection to safeguard your company’s information.

Explore how Our Platform Drives Social Growth


Empower customers to become brand advocates. Our advocacy platform makes it easy to identify, engage, and motivate users to share content and drive referrals.


Build an active community of users with a customizable platform that facilitates sharing content, feedback, and discussions to cultivate belonging and loyalty.


Engage stakeholders to contribute innovations, content, and insights. Explore our crowdsourcing platform that makes it easy to run targeted campaigns.

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