Our Story

NextBee’s engagement platform is built by identifying and fitting together those pieces of the technological puzzle which are absolutely essential to the success of promotional campaigns.
Our founding team is led by Ashish Mohole, who has spent years marketing both enterprise and consumer products. Most recently, he has been working in the trenches of the Web 2.0 world with the successful marketing of his last venture, Get Vendors, which was acquired by Match Point, a division of Connexus Corp.
NextBee’s business started as a solution rather than as a formal business plan. After talking with fellow Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, our founding team realized that although the latest ideas for web start-ups have different target audiences as well as different products, they share similar marketing tactics. While developing the best new marketing tools for our new start-up, we realized that we were building as a solution that would be useful for a variety of other businesses as well. We had stumbled upon our next adventure!
We had the product, we had the marketing structure – we formalized the business model and NextBee was born. During the transformation from the initial stand-alone solution to the current wide-ranging platform, we did not change the core product features or the type of campaign we wanted our platform to support, but only expanded the scope and user-friendliness of our modules to accommodate the business needs of all our clients.
Fast forward a few years: today NextBee is the leading marketing promotions platform for businesses with a social–media-savvy audience and the effort is driven by an ever-growing core product development group in Folsom, CA, a sales team in Vancouver, Canada, and a dedicated account set-up and maintenance team in Kolkata, India. As a bootstrapped and profitable company with relentless focus on organic growth, we have never sponsored a conference nor run a jazzy ad campaign. Instead, we’ve single-mindedly focused on one thing, and only one thing: the results that we deliver to our customers. Needless to say, this is possible because of the extraordinary commitment from each of our employees, and so we are proud to say that our biggest asset is our dedicated team. We intend to continually pull in new members who are as passionate about customer satisfaction as our current team members, and in the next few years we plan to establish ourselves as the Swiss Army Knife of customer engagement solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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