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Our dedicated focus on leading innovation in data science, smart incentives, and personalization technology give you an unparalleled edge in creating quality optimized programs.

Program Dashboard

Built for actionable insights, your program dashboard offers a 360-degree view of program participants, along with detailed transactional information for every event.


Key Features

  • Multiple Login Roles with Different Access Privileges
  • Roll Up Statistics with Trendline Analysis
  • Ability to Export Every Report and User Information
  • Configure Custom Reports
  • Override Transaction Data
  • Turnkey Support for Importing Historic Data
  • Set Promotional Rules and Messaging

Process Manager

Our integration-ready process manager makes it easy to make the platform your own. Use your favorite programs without having to sacrifice functionality.

Key Features

  • Easy integration with Shopping Carts, CRM, and LMS systems.
  • Field Level Mappings Allow Support for Custom Objects.
  • Ability to Import Current Data Reports.
  • Custom Schedules for Process Crons.
  • Multi-Stage Processes Allow for Flexibility Across All Platforms.

Incentive Rules Configuration

Our flexible and intuitive incentive configurator enables you to offer personalized incentives and keep every segment of your userbase engaged and loyal to your program.


Key Features

  • Ability to Schedule Limited Time Rewards
  • Bonus Credits Based on Transaction Types
  • Bonus Filters Based on Member Profiles
  • Unique Incentives Tied to Each User Segments
  • Ability to Cap Incentives on User Level
  • Support for Full and Partial Rollbacks on All Incentives

API Gateway

With our open APIs, you can seamlessly embed our solution as part of your websites or mobile app. APIs give you ultimate control over which solution modules you want to adopt into your program.


Key Features

  • All APIs Standard Compliant RESTful with JSON.
  • APIs for both Single Transaction and Bulk Transactions.
  • APIs to Support Data Post and Pull for Every Entity.
  • Sample Code and Detailed Documentation.
  • Secure and Scalable Infrastructure.
  • Support for Creating Mashups and Custom Data Bindings.

Analytics and Segmentation

Program success is driven by smart data analysis and messaging/incentives custom-tailored to each user segment. Powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor and optimize your program based on data insights and performance.

Key Features

  • User Segmentation and List Building Based on Aggregate Activity
  • Custom Time Windows for Data Analysis
  • Filters and Segmentation Based on Specific Activity Attributes
  • Performance Review Based on Primary and Secondary Dimensions of Data Filters
  • Custom Analytics Reports Based on Program-Specific KPIs
  • Account Manager Support to Analyze Data Trends

Template Engine

All our engagement and incentive programs have their own persona, unique user interface, and an interaction model that really connects with the users. We offer this flexibility because each of these custom branded interfaces for the programs is based on code templates.


Key Features

  • Built to Support Mobile Apps
  • Ability to Create Both Full Program Pages or Embed within Current Pages
  • Based on Standard JavaScript and HTML. No Custom Scripting Required.
  • Loose Data Binding with Complete Separation of Layout and Data
  • Built-In Support for Error Logging
  • Ability to Create Multi-Step Forms
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