Predictive Insights

Answer the Critical Revenue Driving Questions to Unlock Business Growth

More than just an analytics platform, Lighthouse by NextBee helps you shape your company’s future by helping you target the right people, at the right times, with the right products. From forecasting your revenue so the finance department can budget, to finding the right times to promote, and even helping reduce email fatigue by promoting to customers who are most likely to buy, Lighthouse helps your business grow more efficiently than with any other platform.

Revenue Forecasting

Confidently & Accurately Predict Revenue with Deep Data Models.

Lighthouse by NextBee uses data models that account for trends, whether hourly or seasonal, to predict with more accuracy. Also, when you run a one-off promotion, your revenue will likely spike, but our models know better than to include a single past promotion in your future revenue predictions.

Time-Based Analysis

Drive ROI by Accurately Predicting Sales Trends & Timings

Time-Based Analysis is one of the key ways to predict increased sales opportunities. If you are able to understand when customers are likely to shop and then time the sending of promotions at those key times, you can maximize effectiveness and boost the growth of your business.

Reduce Email Fatigue

Not Too Little, Not Too Much, Just Right...
Use Data to Know How Often to Email Customers

Earning a customer’s loyalty in today’s world is dependent upon seamlessly connecting your brand with your customers and email is still one of the best ways to do so but, it is important not to send too many emails. How do you know what the right amount of email communication is? Lighthouse by NextBee uses AI to help you determine the best way to time the messages you send to customers so you can more accurately target those already likely to buy, which greatly increases brand loyalty and connection.

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