NextBee Resources

Take a deeper dive into the world of engagement marketing. Our resources contain invaluable information to make your engagement efforts a success.

Top 10 Ideas to Boost Your Customer Lifetime Value

Solid Customer Relationships Can Reduce Churn by An Average of 16%. This guide details 10 proven ideas for boosting the lifetime value of your customers.

Our Story - Our Commitment and Proven Record

Engagement Improves Revenue, Customer Satisfaction & Promotes New Product Ideas and this guide details what makes us different while showing you examples of clients having success.

Omni Channel Referrals

This quick guide helps unravel the secrets of omnichannel referrals, how to generate consistent customer engagement across all channels.

Engagement Program Reward Options

Engagement programs work by understanding what motivates users to action and then cutting through the noise of distractions and other competing offers.

Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your Existing Loyalty Program

The vast majority of business owners agree that customer relationships drive loyalty. This quick guide presents 10 ways to inject some life into your loyalty efforts.

Beyond Horizons

Three things plague incentive programs and this guide will show you what these three items are, how to overcome them and the technology investments we’ve made to stay ahead of them.

Loyalty Beyond Transactions

You make the sale, but how do you create loyalty beyond that? This guide discusses how to develop long term customers and drive new revenue streams.

Customer Engagement Tools and Ideas

Customer engagement is about relationship - creating it, cultivating it, & maintaining it. This guide details what tools, features, methods, & abilities we use to create sustained engagement.

10 Ways to Boost Your Employee Productivity This Quarter

The most dedicated of employees can get bogged down but, the good news is a well-executed employee engagement program can make a huge difference. Here are 10 ways to boost employee productivity.

Miracles of Motivated Minds

This guide discusses 10 ways to motivate users, improve employee performance, and create program users who are engaged and happy to become brand ambassadors.

Fun & Exciting Onboarding

Employers must clearly define job expectations & company culture starting on day one. This guide provides tips & tricks to make the process successful, fun & exciting.

Partner Engagement Activities

A partner engagement program is about creating relationships where partners are engaged, made to feel passionate, energetic, and committed to long term profitable relationships.

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Partner Engagement This Quarter

It’s a challenge for any company that relies on a network of partners to create & nurture partner engagement so it’s profitable for everyone. This guide lays out how to do just that.

Unified Platform to Engage Every User

In this guide, we're going to discuss best practices to drive engagement and increase revenue & why you should do it from one unified platform like ours.

Peer Recognition and Collaboration

In this guide, we’ll discuss ways to empower your team, improve performance, boost sales overall & create employees who are happy to work for you and want to become your brand ambassadors.

Employee Engagement Activities

This guide discusses the tools, best practices & other aspects of creating employee engagement while letting employees know your company cares about their input.

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Sales Rep Performance This Quarter

This guide discusses 10 ways to empower your team, improve sales team performance, boost sales and create sales reps who are happy and proud to be your brand’s ambassadors.

Agile, Responsive, Resourceful Implementation Process

Any engagement plan is always going to have questions and this guide provides the information you need to launch a successful engagement program.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing enables you to build trust and reach larger audiences. This guide helps you engage your influencer network more which can deliver 11x higher ROI than paid media!

Top 10 Ways to Appreciate Your Top Performers

In this guide, we discuss 10 ways to empower your sales team by creating a program where top performers are engaged & made to feel appreciated. It drives long term loyal & profitable relationships.

Contract Options to Fit Every Business Need

Your business is unique, and this also includes your company’s need for contract options. In this guide, we discuss our different contract options & other items that make us a valued partner.

On the Go Engagement with Mobile Apps

A challenge for all companies is breaking through "the noise" to engage customers more often & more conveniently. This guide discusses doing that - driving on the go engagement with mobile apps.

3rd Party Integrations

In this guide we're going to discuss common integrations, questions to ask prior to integrating, implementation details, NextBee's architecture and take a look under the hood.

Smart Point Rules

In this guide, we discuss some of the options of how to configure your system for rewarding points and how to set various point values (it’s easy with our Admin Dashboard and Points Rules Engine).

Top 10 Ways to Engage Alumni Network

Having a strong alumni communication & engagement strategy, & a platform which supports it is vital for ensuring success. This guide discusses the 10 top ways to engage your alumni network.

Personalized Emails

There are absolutely some great ways to use personalized emails to empower teams, improve customer engagement levels, boost sales and create loyal customers. This guide covers all of that and more.

Machine Learning and AI Features

This guide discusses the three core parts of our Machine Learning and AI system and how we use technology inspired by the human brain to creates perfect engagement solutions.

AI Based Personalization

Engagement is about a relationship. But, without robust data, it's impossible to know what’s creating those relationships & with that data, you can use AI to create very personalized engagement.

Top 10 Ways to Get More Referral Sales

This guide covers 10 proven ways to generate more referral sales by using proven engagement strategies which build strong relationships with customers.

Machine Learning for Attribution

You can use Machine Learning to analyze, automate and scale engagement and this guide details how we use attribution modeling, data science, and robust tracking technology to do just that.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Repeat Orders

On average, 68% of customers abandon carts at checkout. This guide discusses ways to lower that percentage while driving repeat orders from customers.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Learning Outcomes This Quarter

Using this guide you can improve employee retention rates, customer satisfaction levels, and promote new brand-building ideas all by improving learning outcomes.

Top 10 Ways to Expand Your Agency Revenue

This guide will show you 10 ways to expand your agency’s revenue by creating engagement and participation from the company as a whole and from all of your customers.

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