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Our AI-powered rewards automation takes the guesswork out of incentives so you can rapidly drive growth. Real-time analytics and machine learning optimize rewards targeting, personalization, and delivery for each user.
10 Million+ Users | 1.2B+ Tracked Transactions | 22 Integrated AI Modules

Full Service

Get help from our industry experts to design your program along with onsite support to successfully launch a fully integrated program.

Quick Start

Adopt proven practices from our 10 years of experience to launch a program that gets you started quickly and ensures success under tight budgets or timelines.


Enhance your existing program or build a scalable embeddable solution within your current framework so you can tap the power of engagement and promotions.

Custom Reward Storefront

Create a unique storefront that promotes your brand while enabling users to easily browse rewards relevant to them. Personalize the look and feel of the redemption portal with your brand’s visual identity to craft an engaging user experience.

Limitless Reward Choices

Offer an extensive catalog of tailored, branded physical and digital rewards – electronics, travel, events, subscriptions, coupons, gift cards and branded merchandise. Segment users to create targeted rewards buckets. Keep users engaged with relevant rewards.

Multi-channel Reward Delivery

Our platform enables effortless delivery of rewards across diverse channels based on the end user’s preferences, whether SMS, email, or WhatsApp. Users receive customized redemption links through their opted communication mode, granting access to a broad catalog of redemption options from which they can select their reward.

Omnichannel Redemption

We offer point-based, link-based, and code-based reward delivery, as well as API integrations for customized connections. Streamline management of incentive distribution across multiple channels.

Worldwide Fulfillment

We provide complete support for storing, shipping, and delivery of rewards. NextBee’s platform offers a seamless redemption experience across all reward types including merchandise, gift cards, travel, events, and point transfers. Integrated inventory management, real-time availability checks, and partnerships with relevant providers enable timely fulfillment of physical items, experiences, and third-party rewards.

Customizable Rules

Our platform provides flexible configuration of customized redemption rules like minimum points required, points expiration after inactivity, caps on monthly redemptions per user, redemption date ranges, and partial points payment eligibility. These customizable limitations and criteria can be tailored to suit the unique dynamics and budgets of your program goals

Intelligent Analytics

Robust tracking gives a 360-degree view of redemption activity so you can maximize ROI, uncover new opportunities, identify and fix friction points, tailor to user preferences and preferences and continually to refine your rewards strategy.

Our Commitment

NextBee is dedicated to helping you engage users through rewards personalized to their interests and preferences. Our intuitive solution and deliverability tools make it easy to drive engagement. With features that align with business goals, technical expertise, and ongoing support from our team, we maximize your success with a range of rewards so you can build valuable relationships and loyalty through tailored user experiences.

Customized Solutions

We provide customized software solutions tailored to each client's unique business needs and goals. Our experts work closely with you to deeply understand your requirements and challenges to deliver a solution that fits your organization.

Ongoing Support

We are committed to your success. Our support team is available to provide guidance, troubleshoot issues, and ensure you get the most value from our solutions. We also frequently improve our software based on user feedback.

Security & Compliance

We build your engagement program from the ground up with security and compliance in mind. Our solutions utilize enterprise-grade security practices like encryption, access controls, and data protection to safeguard your company’s information.

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